3 Cooking Tips You Must Know

In daily life, Although cooking is your passion, it really wastes time not only in ingredients selection and processing, but also in the cooking and cleaning process after finishing the dishes.

Let's take a look at these tips to help you quickly make your dish, and make the food better, more attractive!

Remove oil / grease with ice spoon

We all know that when oil (grease) meets ice, it will freeze in the low temperature of the ice.

Thus, Let’s try a cold spoon contacting with the oil on the surface of soup or fish meat water to solidify fat and stick to the patch below!

If you do not like this way, you can put your soup pot or pot in the refrigerator cooler. Low temperature in the cabinet will cause the grease to freeze and then you just take the fat layer on top of it.

Easily cut bread with hot knife

There is a common situation for most people when cutting bread.  The loaf of bread will be crumpled or clenched because it is quite soft.

Try dipping the knife into hot water, wait until the blade is completely hot, then cut the bread quickly. Repeat several times to make the blade hot and cut all the loaves.

In this way, you can apply effectively to soft cakes such as sandwiches or bread.

Push back the smell of fish with fresh milk

Fish is delicious and nutritious. However, if you do not know how to process it properly or leave the fish at room temperature for too long, it will make the food become foul, difficult to chew.


To avoid this, you can use fresh milk and soak fish in about 3 minutes, all the fishy smell will disappear.

Ancient people also used vinegar to wash fish, eels or other animals that are viscous, slippery. Due to the acid and pleasant odor of vinegar, it will help you to easily remove viscid and make these seafood better when processed.

Wish you success with your cooking!