About Us

N-med - website provides recipes, ambulance and communication information to housewives.

Economic and social development let women enjoy equal rights and hold important positions in the company.

However, we can’t deny the role of women who take care of families, housewives.

Due to these women who sacrifices and a loving heart to the family, N-med.com was established to provide delicious recipes, medical treatment and news media for them.

Cooking recipe

It can be said that women are the ones who always take care of the housework and especially prepare and cook good food for the family.

However, it is boring to cook around the daily food and family members gradually no longer eager for family meals anymore.

Understanding this, n-med.info has consulted and collected recipes throughout the world, from simple to complex to give the woman a great menu.

First aid

Besides, the knowledge of first aid is very important for women to know in the family

When children play, accidentally falls, first aid is necessary to help children without infection to wounds.

With n-med.info, you will know the quickest, safest ways to take first aid for your baby.

News -media

We have a desire to bring housewives who are less exposed to the outside world an accurate source of information, up-to-the-minute news around the world.

Media coverage from n-med.info includes political-economic news, information related to cultural and social life and daily news updates.

Hope that n-med.info will help the housewives!