Cooking Eggs in Bacon Grease

When making mention of the best oil to cook with eggs, lots of people think of the olive oil. Of course, you’re right because this oil brings lots of great benefits no matter what you’re going to cook eggs or fry anything. However, its high price might make you consider carefully before buying. So, is there another way to deal with this issue?

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Have you ever used bacon or bacon grease in your kitchen? Do you know that cooking eggs in bacon grease is truly a heaven-made match? Down here and you will find out instantly!

Does bacon grease have any benefits?

Bacon grease is actually the bacon dripping when the bacon fat is heated. That’s why it’s called a healthy essential oil for the cooking purposes.

  • Bacon grease is lower in saturated fat than butter (around 42%).
  • Bacon grease is an excellent source of not only all the B vitamins but also vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.
  • Bacon grease is known to give a large amount of choline, which is a necessary nutrient for maintaining cell membranes and creating the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Moreover, this nutrient helps to prevent the fatty liver disease and Alzheimer’s disease in the Americans.
  • And with a super source of the long-chain fatty acids, consuming bacon grease will suppress your appetite.


Cooking eggs in bacon grease – How to do?

Before cooking eggs, make sure you have the bacon grease first. As outlined above, you need to heat the bacon fat to get the grease. However, is any bacon good? The best thing is to choose the bacon from pastured pigs that are available at your nearest grocery store.

Ways to make and store bacon grease

Let’s heat the bacon fat until getting the liquid fat from the solid. But, make sure you cut the bacon into pieces (about ¾ inches) to render evenly. Depending on the amount of bacon, you need to select a skillet with a suitable size to cook

Place it over the top and cook the bacon over a medium-low heat within 10 minutes or when the fat is released and the meat is browned and crispy.

After that, take the meat out of the skillet and let the grease get cold in some minutes. Then pour the grease through a filter into a ceramic jar to strain out the small bacon bits left over. If you love the flavorful meat, just add it in the bacon grease after straining. Avoid storing bacon grease in the plastic bottles because the plastic will react with the grease, making it difficult to clean afterwards.

Putting the bacon grease in your refrigerator will keep it last for several months. In case you want the longer time, the freezer will be the best. But, the maximum time is within 9 months. And remember to label the jar before storing in the refrigerator or freezer.

Is it safe to store at the room temperature? Yes, as long as you keep the bacon grease in an opaque, dark-colored and tightly sealed jar and strain out the bacon fat in order to extend its freshness. And if the room temperature ranges from 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, you can use it for over 3 months.

Different recipes to cook eggs in bacon grease

Using the bacon grease to cook eggs is truly a stunning combination because both are born to go together. After having the bacon grease, I will show you a couple of recipes so that you can try for the next breakfast.



  1. Scrambled eggs

Mix each egg with one tablespoon of milk in a bowl and whisk them together. Remember to add a sprinkle of pepper and salt to flavor. Then heat the pan with two teaspoons of bacon grease at the medium heat. Next, pour the mixture of egg into the pan evenly and use a wooden spoon to stir until the liquid is thick. Prepare a piece of toast, add the scrambled egg on the top and serve.

  1. Fried eggs

Start heating bacon grease in the pan until hot and then crack the egg into the pan gently. Don’t forget to lessen the heat to low instantly and let it cook about 5 minutes. In case you want to eat the firmer yolk, use a wooden spatula to flip the egg and cook for some minutes before serving with sandwiches or toast.

  1. Creole eggs

Beat 4 eggs and whisk them well first. Then melt bacon grease in the skillet over the medium-high heat. Next, add onions, mushrooms and bell peppers inside and stir about 5 minutes before adding more tomatoes. Bring it to a simmer and pour the beaten eggs over. Continue stirring the eggs for the next 5 minutes or until they are scrambled. After that, serve with toast.

  1. Frittata

Crack 4 eggs with ¼ cup milk, broth or tomato juice and whisk evenly. Then add cheese, vegetables, cooked meat, or seafood and continue mixing well. Next, heat 2 tablespoons of bacon grease in the pan over the medium heat and pour the mixture of egg over. Cook within 10 minutes and remember to reduce the medium to low heat gradually. After that, turn off the heat and cover the pan about 5-10 minutes before serving.

Final words

With lots of great things when cooking eggs in bacon grease, why don’t you prepare a jar of bacon grease and use it to make healthy and tasty dishes for your family? I bet your kids will love it. In addition, if you’re interested in cooking, don’t miss some useful articles about cooking brats on stovetop, making yummy porridge recipes with salmon, and more on this site.