How to get all characters in the game Happy Wheels?

Happy Wheels is a new mobile application of popular browser games. This game has you play as Business Guy (or Segway Guy from browser game) and goes through all sorts of crazy levels trying not to get impaled, shot or blown up. The movie includes Irrational Persons, Handlers, Efficient Shoppers, Couples, Pogo Stick Guy.

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1. Use the level editor

First, you need to enter the editor level area, and create a level. You can also play level for example if you want by clicking on the pause button in the level producer area and then hit "stage load", there is one advantage of the game that you can play right from the beginning. At any level you want. An example level would pop up, but it would require a bit of editing to really be playable.

2. Have your friends send you a customer level

If you have friends playing games, then ask them to send you a level. Or wait for the update for the game; the update will certainly bring the ability to publicize the degree of publicity.

Either way, it is next to the point. Select "load level" and then load one of the levels, and you will be able to choose from Irresistible Person, Wheelchair Guy, Effect Shopper or Moped Couple, in addition to the default Business Guy.

3. Beat all levels with Business Guy

There is a level you can use all the characters, but you have to beat all levels with Business Guy before you can play it. Then, move all the lines to the right and you will see a "Select your character" area as you go through all the points of the other characters.

4. Keep your eyes on the first update

In the future there will be a few more bonus levels added to the game (so space simulator next to a level). But now, in addition to that level, there is no way to unlock characters outside the level editor, but once the update first appears, they will add Qualified People and Rollers for Adults on the game.

Then, they will add Moped Couple, Effect Shopper and Pogo Stick Guy. In addition, there is a level of "choose your character" blank if you scroll right in the character scree.